Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Say No to fatty food

Having a Personal Trainer boifren is fun :-*, but sometimes can be restricted when it comes to food. He observes on anything I put into my mouth.

Everythime before meal, he will ask, "What are you going to eat? make sure, no rice". So strict, even so, I'll still take some. Hehe. I just can't resist, even for a day.

Then he'll complaint "You'll gain weight later".  

"No la, I will not gain any !" :P

Last time I made pizzas and gave him some. He requested not to have cheese on it. *What did you say, I didnt hear you :P *

There ! Pizza, topped with cheese. Nyummy !

Even so, he is not so strict on weekends. He advises that not having fat at all is not good. Fat is needed for our brain and body to fuction well, also to  give the body warmth. Thats why I always looking forward for weekends so I can eat all those fatty food =P~

Hey boyfie, you want some wan tan mee with curry soup? :P

Ok people, eat right and do exercise :) *This is his advise, not mine*

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