Monday, December 12, 2011

My First Meeting

I just finished my first meeting with the seamstress to discuss about the tags for the clothes, paper bags, mannequin and many other stuff. It was funny, really. All because I was SO nervous!

Firstly, my supervisor gave me an assignment to be submitted to the university as an annual report. The due is tomorrow morning, but I couldn't finish it because (here comes the explainations...) I was busy with my bisness.

My organizer is full with plans for my boutique. I had to meet with the seamstress, discuss my design, whether he can do  it or not (the colour, the font, the dimension and all).

Luckily, he is a member of the gym also. So we met after workout, around 9pm. I was so nervous, I talked very fast, hahaha....

To be honest, I really need an assistant. Hehe. An assistant to do my masters (not my boutique) :P It's not easy to handle masters project (which I'm only left with 3 months to finish everything, InsyaAllah), the boutique and other important stuff.

Now, my eyes are half open, trying to continue and finish the report that needs to be submitted. Ok, wish me luck and all the energy needed. Maybe glue my eyes open will help. Hehe.

Leave you with this picture. :P

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yana's Big Day

Honestly, its difficult to attend friends weddings. Some could be far away from Kuala Lumpur,  some could be when I had other important stuff to do.

This is not the bride. Durh~ One of the chatty friend. Hihi.

I had read somewhere that attending weddings is a 'must' / wajib.

So when a friend of mine, Yana got married the other day. Her house is just around the corner, I cleared my schedule and managed to attend her wedding. Alhamdullilah.

It was fun. Met few former UIA students from my bagde. Mingle and catch up with those whom I was to. Most of them are now 'cun'-ner than our school day, maybe because our clock is ticking... Hihihihi... And had a few pictures with the bride and groom.

There, the bride Yana and the groom. The dress looks like Cinderella's.

Recent Buys

I loooove lipstick. Why?


I'm a girl. Durh~

Recently, I bought few lipsticks that I really love..... I love them all, but I have this one favourite, the one from elianto, the Matte Berry number 1 (the most right in the picture).

It is matte, it has a very soft light texture. Its not sticky, easy to apply. It stays on your lips for a long time, and the colour, OH MY GOODNESS, shocking pink, so gorgeous! Love! It also smells cholcolate vanila (I think).

The most left is short because that is my old one, waiting to be replaced. Hihi.

This is the bestest gym buddy! Love her bubblyness. She is Miss Wangsa Maju... (hihihi, almost Miss Malaysia).

The lipstick that I am wearing is In2It from 'Flamingo' series, number 5. Super intense moisture, and quite cheap RM 16 (I bought it during sale).

Ok, bye.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Big Burger Anyone?

I love FOOD ! Who does'st right?

Especially, those creamy, greasy, high carbs and sugar. Ummm, yummy.

That day, I went to New York Deli at One Utama, the foods were OMG !! You should try them.

I tried the creamy pasta with chiken, I gave it 10/10! So delicious. I ate it with my eyes closed, just to 'feel' the creamy-ness... Sedap sangat.

And guess what Mr. Boifie had?

A BIG fat burger ! I think the diameter of the burger is 20cm. You can eat it for free if you could finish it in 1 hour. But he didn't, and we had to pay for it.

You see, initially, he was so acting tough, tought he could finish it. Boo! He couldn't. He only managed to eat the burger only, he was too full to finish the fries.
Overall, I really loved the place. The food are delicious, the waiter are friendly... and I totally felt like a New Yorker... =P

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I am Not So Fat

I always complaint that I am fat. Alhamdullilah, I dropped a few kilos for these few months. Fuh! (wipe sweat on forehead)

Hmmm. But it's not as easy to maintain the weight. Everyday I go to the gym sometimes 3-4 hours, (honestly) judging by the parking fees that I have to pay.

But, nonetheless I am grateful, and I should be grateful! Because I have everything that I wanted. Health. Wealth (dad's money. Hehe.). Handsome boifie. A roof over my head.... and a lot more. Alhamdullilah, I am not that fat to begin with.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Have Some Money


You know what?! After a long time being 'off' from blogging, guess what?!

I checked my Nuffnang account (after 3-4 months of not checking), my account had increased from RM 0.25 to RM 1.35.... Haha !!! The amount is so pathetic, but who cares.... Lol!

So, what I have learned from this? Just continue writing? Hehe, maybe I do have readers. Lol! Hi, readers out there. (sounds so pathetic) =P

Ok. Bye.

Something To Share


I have been a bit busy lately. Hehe. Not busy with school work, but a lil busy with my bussiness. It's hard to get back on track to my school work once I stop, right? Huuu..

One thing that I always do when I'm down is reading some success quotes. One of my favourite is:

"Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Bacause they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character."

Isn't true? If you brushes your teeth daily before and after sleep, it will become a habit. Same goes to other stuff right.

Ok, I have to continue my school work. I have been having a long holiday and it's time to get back on track.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cute Things


One thing that I couldn't resist is buying cute stuff. I went to a store with an intention to but a pair of earphone, went out with earphone and other stuff.

I bought a pair of slippers that I really need once the one that I'm currently wearing (as my daily jalan2 selipar) just in case they will worn out in the future. Hehe.

A sweet amethyst (purple + pink) necklace.

A cute white with black spots keychain for my gym key lock.

A pink earphone, just love the colour. :)


Counting my blessings:

1) I had a GREAT workout! I think my shirt was 80% sweat all over.

2) I started my work early in the morning, 7am.

3) Had a good 2 hours nap in the afternoon. Hehe. I was so tired.

There are a lot more to mention, but these are all I can remember for the time being. Till then. Bye!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tiara Iman Butik


For your information, I have started my own bussiness, "Tiara Iman Butik". It is a shopping online bussiness for women clothes targeting for casual and work attire.

It was my dream to have my own bussiness, especially clothing bussiness. I just love women's wear, especially the simple classic ones. 

If you want to order, you can reach me at, or like Tiara Iman Butik at facebook.

Do check our clothing collections at facebook, and please LIKE ! :) Thanks.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Counting My Blessing :)

I'm counting my blessing (started from yesterday, if anyone of you notice, and only if I have a reader, hehe)

3 things I liked that happened to me today were:

1) I had a 30min workout on the stepper, 20min sauna and hot bath early in the morning. The instructor for aerobic class was super fun, but he was 'torchering' us that I couldn't keep up. Hehe.

2) I printed my notes early in the morning, around 7am.

3) I met my supervisors, explaining the obtained results. Aaaa, such a relief.

4) Started my PD fuzzy controller programming.

Ok, can't wait to start tomorrow... Big smile !

Monday, November 28, 2011

3 things I like today !

1. I had a GREAT body combat workout. The instructor is super FUN, and had this super positive energy, LOVE her !

2. I started my thesis on Chapter 5 Control Algorithm (after 2 weeks of holiday. Hehe.)

3. I had planned for tomorrow's schedule.

4. I had a GREAT sauna and hot bath.

5. I saw D, which I really missed. Hurm.... Miss u. :)

Love love love.


1. I watched football. Malaysia vs. Bahrin at Stadium Bukit Jalil with my sweetest boifie.

2. I had a wonderful lunch at New York daily, ummmm love the creammy pasta !

3. Boifie gave me "The Muay Thai Challanger" t-shirt from fittness first, because I support Faizal. Hehe.

I'm 56kg++ .... Hi blog !


It's been a while... haha...

I've been working out at the gym daily for the past 3 weeks ! I met an old friend, and she said I gained weight ! Damn, mulut nan indah itu membuatkan aku tersentak, and went to the gym daily.. haha.

Well, everyone knows, it's easy to gain weight, but hard to put it off. I feel it, people.

So that day, I was 59 (almost 60 kg) I freaked out. My tight was HUGE ! Not to mention, my waist line. Uh, horror.

So, from that moment on, I went to the gym daily. And shed a few kilos. Hehe.

Maintaining the weight is another problem. Once you workout, you must continue. Huuuu.... That's the problem.

You see, I'm a workaholic person... (Boohooo... ) I dont really have the time to workout.

Ok, think positive, I can do it... Till then, see ya at the next post! Byt :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cooking and Eating

Me and my labmates decided to eat at Seoul Garden, OU one day.

So, 5 of us when there, with empty stomachs, squeeze in Kak Nad's car and drove to the intended place.

I've been to this restaurent several times. But this time, they are renovating it, so only a small space for the dining area. Squeezed our butts in the seat with 1 small table that is meant for 4 people only.

But it was OK. We managed to eat and talked craps lalala, especially those 2 Korean lovers. Kak Nad and Zai. The rest were just cooking and chomping foods into our mouth.

We sat there for almost 3 hours, and headed back to Uni with full stomachs. And not o forget, the Kimchi smell on our clothes.

Ahhhh. Alhamdullilah.


I Don't Have Enough Space

I l.o.v.e my new cubicle. Its 4 times bigger than the previous one. The table is 3 times larger with tall compartments. 1 drawer as you can see in the picture above. Another 1 as tall as me (cannot see in the picture). 1 shelf with doors. Brand new flat screen computer. The chair, my my, its like sitting on a cloud. If I', bored, I'll just swing here and there. Ahhh. Just loving it.

But, the problem is.....

I have too much papers to put on the table. The papers are divided into 5 thesis chapters. How I wish there is another table for me to put my papers.

Now, I have less place to do writing. Huuu....

Huuuu..... Maybe buying a small table would help?


The Reason I Blog

During the days when I heard blogging became famous as a part time job for the bloggers to earn income is the day when I wanted to start my own blog.

Yes, I did register Nuffnang. Its all about the money (at the first time).

Blog (Google)

I started with 1 boring blog. Like everything lalalala. Was about me having fun with my degree friends Nini and Sofi. Then I think it was boring. So I ignored my lalalala boring blog. Later, I wanted to blog again. Since I think my last blog is boring, I started a new one. Haha.  The lamest name was given to my new blog "NewPinkDiva". Booooo.

Later, I found out that Im no Diva at all, instead, I'm just a lalalala girl, that wants to blog about her daily lalala life in her lalala land (blog).

So I did another new blog, called "SimpleCourtesy". Huaaaa. Giving a name to the blog is such a pain in the ass, like naming a new born baby. But.... ahhhh, "SimpleCourtesy".. Love the name. Just like Vera Iman and Venice Iman.

Now, my Nuffnang account has only 25 cent in it. I was frustrated at first. Seeing other people make thousands from blogging.

But then I realised, its Ok. Im fine with 25 cents. Haha. Its OK if I dont have followers. Its Ok, as long as my blog is not one cheap attention seeker that talks about lastest gossip on artists.

All that I wanted, is just that one day, ............. I can read and remember again, my past sweet memories. And to those who by accident dropped by this page, thank you.

Till then my lalalala land.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Terawih with mom

My mother asked, "U want to terawih with me?"

I was like "OK"... until.......... my mom opened her big Quran, page 11, and put it on a chair. 

I asked, "Are you going to read it?"

"Yes, 1 page for 1 rakaat"

Ahhh.... I'll be terawih-ing at the mosque next time. The mosque most propbably finish sooner than my mom's.

Then, she started, I was with a heavy heart. But later, I enjoyed it. Because I was reading along (in heart) by also looking at the Quran.

By the end of 4th rakaat, I was already tired.  We took a break, I went to the laptop, almost typed facebook in google, while mom went to the toilet.

Later we continued until 8th rakaat. Mom said "witir 3 rakaat". I replied "Mom, you do it yourself pleaseeeeeeeeeeee......."

Huaaaaaaa... My mother just had the energy. I was all tired and sweating in the telekong all ready ! Brovo mom !

Ok, bye. Esok puasa lagi !


Selamat Berpuasa

Bazzar Ramadan


Selamat berpuasa to the Muslims. Semoga puasa tahun ini lebih baik dari sebelumnya. I pray to God, to make me more decisive in making decision, be a good daugther and a good future wife and mother. To be more hardworking, and respect my two beloved supervisors that I admire so much.

Ok, back to my lalala wonder land.....

I love this month for its Bazzar Ramadan. Huaaaa, the smell of foods; roti jala, karipap, air tebu.... and not to forget, durian.... waaaaaaa.... mouth wide open. Just now, I helped my mother to prepare some dish for breaking the fast. And my mother made "kuah masak lemak ikan tenggiri". Aaaaa.... Can't wait for berbuka.

Did you know that, research has shown that coconut milk is good ! You know, kuah lemak?? !! Good !


Friday, July 29, 2011


Me and boifie went to kedai mamak to watch Malaysia vs. Singapore yesterday.
Boy, I never knew Malaysian supporters were crazy like this.

I became a supporter when Malaysia won the Suzuki Cup.
Immediately on the next day, me and boifie went to KLIA to watch the Harimau Malaya players flight from Indonesia, with our own eyes and heads (dengan mata kepala sendiri, ceh). Too many people that time! I only saw Amirul's dyed hair from 2 meters far, people were just pushing each other to watch them. Crazy.

And, yes, I gave the Harimau Malaysia flying kiss from that 2 meter.

 This was only 1/4 of the crowd. Thier eyes were just glued to the screen. Mouth wide open when Amirul and Safee, both of them did sepak terbalik secara serentak, or "ko sepak bola bagi ke Singapore wat ape...!". And the rempit when like all those nasty words, and siap nak belanja satu restoran kalau Malaysia menang. Ceh.

I was more like "Go, Go! Kunalan !!". I like him!

Alas, Malaysia lost. I was a lil bit frust that night, complaining here and there abit.

But, I just loved the sound when people calling to hot fm and roared "Auuummm" during the day, giving support to Harimau Malaysia. Sumpah comel gila! Lagi2 kalau perempuan yang buat!

"Auuuummmmm !!!"


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I was thinking what if I have 2 baby girls? What would be the name of the 2nd baby? Haha! Weird!

So, I googled on the internet "baby names starts with V"

If you remember in the previous post, the first baby girl name that I would like to put is Vera Iman. So I was thinking, I want to put the next baby name to start with V also....

Venice Iman. Haha! Venice means woman from Vanice. But of course, my daughter would be from Malaysia.

Or, should I put Malay Iman??? What?!


Becuase, he is my DAD

There, my dad ! He is my dad !

We celebrated my dad's 30th anniversary working with Exxonmobil at Hotel Royale Chulan on the 27th July 2011, Wednesday with his department co-workers. Everyone was congratulating him for his achievement. And my father is the First Malaysian Reservoir Advisor. Alhamdullilah. Can you imagine. Fuh~ I was all teared up listening to his colleagues gave speech upon his achievements.

Congratulations Abah

Lunch time, and I ate too much. Heh.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Im Sorry But I just Have to Say NO

Im no fashion student, but I am an engineering student.

Oh, my fashion sense during my degree was terribly bad. Baju kurung all Monday to Friday. Outing dresses were worn only on weekends. Booo hooo. Kesian.

Later after graduating, I sensed fashion. Hahahaha !
Im not that kind of fashionista person, but I know a thing or two after 26 years of living, durh!

But, there is this one person really bothers me much!
Her fashion, her hair, her showing skin, is just disgusting and annoying.
To me, she is just an attention seeker and a bad influence to her fan.

This person is....
 Oh my, her shoes?! Is that shoes or elephant horn? SO cacat. I am an engineering student, so this is where I can apply my knowledge.
Your shoes is a disaster to your posture, man.
And, freaking ugly?!

 I know, sexy ass... But you looked like a whore.

 I know, sexy body... But you looked very cheap.

The most decent image I can get from the internet. This one is nice! I'll be loving you if you wear this.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Forgetting Things

I arrived to the lab at 7.45am, after dropping my brother to school. I could'nt sleep well last night. I had a bad 'masuk angin', because I had a fever yesterday.

I went into the lab with a heavy pair of eyes, and sleepy head and my lunch tupperware and tumbler.

As I put them on the table, I was like.........

"Where is my ......................................................."
Where is my books???

Turns out, I forgot to bring them. There are on the dining table at my house. Dem !
I need to go back home and take them. Such a waste of petrol!


Friday, July 22, 2011


I was driving alone, from uni to home and suddently I was thinking about babies.
Babies names. Very rare, very random thoughts. Haha.

There is this one Victoria Secret's angel named Chanel Iman, I was like..... Wow !
Nice name.

Chanel Iman with Chanel bag

I dont want any boring name like mine to be named to my daughter. I want something extra ordinary like....(come on, think Zati, think)..... Kalsom...... Haha.

So, while driving, taking turns to the left and right, drove straight, and reverse, thinking back and forth what is the best extra ordinary name I should give to my future daughter.

Then, I thought about this woman.....

Vera Weng !

Because of her designed wedding dress featured in the movie "Bride Wars", with her signiture silver ribbon on the waist. (Come on people, I'm 26, ready for all this wedding dress thing. Not ready, but a little bit late, perhaps. Heh)

 And I thought..........
Vera Iman should be a nice name for my future daughter. Hehehe. "Hi, Vera Iman! Mommy's here". Hope my mother approves this name. I'll tell her that Vera means nice words in Arabic. Hehe.
Thanks Vera Weng and Chanel Iman :)
Ok, done daydreaming for the day. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I'm feeling so sleepy right now. Its only 1.10pm, Friday! I couldn't sleep last night, because my friend kept calling me, asking about the ticket 'Malaysia lawan Singapore' thing. Huaaaa...

End up, I counldn't sleep until it was 4am.

So, this morning, I woke up early to send my brother to school, and continued sleeping in Tini's cubicle, save and sound, like a baby Zzzzz....

Woke up, it was 10.30am. Hahaha... Sapa suruh kau beriya cerita kencang nak pi beli tiket bola.

Ok, bye, I want to go back home and sleep. Dream of yummy stuff and bola Malaysia menang. By the way, ada pemain bola Malaysia yang agak hensem semalam masa Malaysia lawan Chelsea. Hihi.

Hi You!

Who says I'm not pretty? Hehe. That is Selena Gomez song's lah. 

I'm pretty, you're pretty... Ceh, apahal budak ni?!

Actually, I wanted to typed "Who says I'm not strong". I do weight lifting you know. Tadaaaaa !
 With the gorgeous miss Wangsa Maju, Liya. Haha.
Ok, that is not weight lifting Zati, that is taking picture.

I do, do weight lifting. But still I'm fat. Hahaha. My Personal Trainer was like "Zaty why are you like this? Why those fats around your tummy? You do go to body pump classes right?"

My answer to that is "Yes, I dont know why. Stubborn fat !". But actually, I was fooling around in the class. Hehe. Watching hot guys walking passes the class wouldn't help me do my workout properly. Hehe. Same goes to friend too. Dem you abang-abang hensem !

Ok, before I say goodbye, I want to show this shok sendiri picture ! Bye ! :)

Eat, eat and eat

Lately, I have been falling in love with eating. I don't know why. (or I knew, hehe). I was 'pantang diajak' weeks. My friend from Nilai called and said, "Ikan Bakar?"

I was like "Tak de hal !" (was not thinking at all about thinking driving to Nilai, dem you ikan bakar!)

Im going to be honest right now, so honest, that you would be honest with me too, hehe


I gained 4 KG !!!!! BOOOO !!!!

Why am I so honest telling you this? Why??? Now the whole world knows that Im fat ?! Hahaha, who ask u to be honest anyway?

I gained like a massive 4KG ! Fat juggling around my thighs and tummy ! Dem you food ! Why you do this to me? U tak kesian kat I ke??? Sampai hati u.... I layan u baik2, u buat I macam ni.

Ok, back to the food thing. I eat too much. Gym is at the back of my head, like far far away, like bye bye.... Haha... My gym friends were posting on my Facebook wall asking why I was not at the gym this few weeks. As usual my answer would be "I'm busy, homework". Padahal........

Ok, now I lost 2 kg. Alhamdullilah. Thanks to my friend Ayu, who said, "why your ass looks so big, like suddently?"

"I dont know, is it really big?" tak sedar diri lagi tu. Hahaha.

So, 2 kg more. You can do it Zati. Bye2 fats.

Ikan Bakar

I, Nana, Ocean, Amad when for an ikan bakar restaurant at Bangi last week. I dont remeber the name of the restaurant but the I remeber the tom yam was delicious ! Like seriously delicious ! Feel like kidnapping the cook. Hehehe !

We were eating and eating, and as usual, I was the spoil one, where I needed to go back home early before curfew.. Booooo ! Dah besar pon ada curfew.

My mother would be like, "Come back early, make sure u're back before 11, make sure u lock the gate, make sure u turn off the light, make sure you read bismillah before entering home, if not syaitan will masuk too... (lalala mode)" Waaaaaaaaa, very interesting. Hehe.

Ok, so I went back home, it was already 12. Luckily, they were all sleeping already. Hehe. I remebered to do the things that my mother ask me to do before sleeping. Bravo zati ! Anak solehah? Hehehe.

Rest Day

Thursday or Friday would be the day, where I would ym Ayu and say "Jom lepak".
So, we went to Ikea to have meatballs and gossip about stuff that does and doesn't matter to us.

Stuff that does matters like boifriends, our slimming programme is not working, I'm fat, my ass looks fat, our working lifes. Stuff that does not matters are like why the Ikea egg tart is damn expansive, I want to buy Ikeas' beds and curtians but dont have money, lalala~

On weekend, I went to a wedding with Ayu, later, I went back to her house. Saw this big fat cat, feel like cubit2 the pipi. Hehe. (Apesal ayat itu begitu?).

Ayu and I were best friend when we were in Sekolah Rantau Petronas at Terengganu. Then, she moved to Subang Jaya when we were in standard 5. Later in standard 6, I moved to KL.

I managed to post her some letters, but later we lost contact. And suddently, dont know how, we got connected back. Our first meeting was "Why are you fat ???!!!!" we asked each other.
Ayu used to be one of the hot stuff during school days. She was skinny and cute. Boys were just into her. Hmmp!

Yeah, so.... there, my best friend, the one that could finish my sentence if I lost words :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SO cute !

Hi, listening and watching Najwa Latif's on youtube just made me want to continue my guitar lesson at Yamaha. But, just thinking of the fees, makes me feel down. RM 150 for 2 hours only. Freaking expansive!

Back to Najwa Latif. Actually, it was my dear boifei went like "have you heard of Najwa Latif?"

I was "Najwa what? Who is that? Not famous. Dont know her? What's up with her?"

Najwa Latif in her school unifrom, I think
"You don't know her?"

Then, my boifire went playing his imaginary guitar and sung "cinta muka buku" song...

I was "hmm, not interested."

"You should listen"

So, today, I went wandering on Youtube searching for Najwa Latif, GOSH ! SHE IS A HIT !

Every video of her hits 200K viewers, its nt that cool or what?! Haish, she is so comel, her voice is so cute. Just makes me thinking of continuing my guitar class. And her, wearing baju kurung sekolah, just reminds me of school days.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I miss my mom


My mtoher's expanses for her organic drink juicer, food are freaking expansive. Just look at the price above. Everytime visiting the organic shop cost-ed thousands (or houndreds). Fuh ~ Money these days.

Alhamdullilah, my father did thought of rainy days like this. He always reminded me when I was small not to spend on unnecessary things like junk food. But Im grown up already, I always buy junk food. 

Today, I woke up quite early than usual, 6am. Hehe. I dont know why, but, Im just so relaxed this morning. I did my Subuh prayer. Doa to Allah. And a little bit of zikir.

Took my bath, went to the kitchen, and have a small chat with my mother. God, I missed her :')

God, please take care of her. I miss her so much and I don't know if I can survive without her. I love you mommy.