Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cute Things


One thing that I couldn't resist is buying cute stuff. I went to a store with an intention to but a pair of earphone, went out with earphone and other stuff.

I bought a pair of slippers that I really need once the one that I'm currently wearing (as my daily jalan2 selipar) just in case they will worn out in the future. Hehe.

A sweet amethyst (purple + pink) necklace.

A cute white with black spots keychain for my gym key lock.

A pink earphone, just love the colour. :)


Counting my blessings:

1) I had a GREAT workout! I think my shirt was 80% sweat all over.

2) I started my work early in the morning, 7am.

3) Had a good 2 hours nap in the afternoon. Hehe. I was so tired.

There are a lot more to mention, but these are all I can remember for the time being. Till then. Bye!

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