Monday, December 12, 2011

My First Meeting

I just finished my first meeting with the seamstress to discuss about the tags for the clothes, paper bags, mannequin and many other stuff. It was funny, really. All because I was SO nervous!

Firstly, my supervisor gave me an assignment to be submitted to the university as an annual report. The due is tomorrow morning, but I couldn't finish it because (here comes the explainations...) I was busy with my bisness.

My organizer is full with plans for my boutique. I had to meet with the seamstress, discuss my design, whether he can do  it or not (the colour, the font, the dimension and all).

Luckily, he is a member of the gym also. So we met after workout, around 9pm. I was so nervous, I talked very fast, hahaha....

To be honest, I really need an assistant. Hehe. An assistant to do my masters (not my boutique) :P It's not easy to handle masters project (which I'm only left with 3 months to finish everything, InsyaAllah), the boutique and other important stuff.

Now, my eyes are half open, trying to continue and finish the report that needs to be submitted. Ok, wish me luck and all the energy needed. Maybe glue my eyes open will help. Hehe.

Leave you with this picture. :P

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