Friday, December 9, 2011

Big Burger Anyone?

I love FOOD ! Who does'st right?

Especially, those creamy, greasy, high carbs and sugar. Ummm, yummy.

That day, I went to New York Deli at One Utama, the foods were OMG !! You should try them.

I tried the creamy pasta with chiken, I gave it 10/10! So delicious. I ate it with my eyes closed, just to 'feel' the creamy-ness... Sedap sangat.

And guess what Mr. Boifie had?

A BIG fat burger ! I think the diameter of the burger is 20cm. You can eat it for free if you could finish it in 1 hour. But he didn't, and we had to pay for it.

You see, initially, he was so acting tough, tought he could finish it. Boo! He couldn't. He only managed to eat the burger only, he was too full to finish the fries.
Overall, I really loved the place. The food are delicious, the waiter are friendly... and I totally felt like a New Yorker... =P

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