Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cooking and Eating

Me and my labmates decided to eat at Seoul Garden, OU one day.

So, 5 of us when there, with empty stomachs, squeeze in Kak Nad's car and drove to the intended place.

I've been to this restaurent several times. But this time, they are renovating it, so only a small space for the dining area. Squeezed our butts in the seat with 1 small table that is meant for 4 people only.

But it was OK. We managed to eat and talked craps lalala, especially those 2 Korean lovers. Kak Nad and Zai. The rest were just cooking and chomping foods into our mouth.

We sat there for almost 3 hours, and headed back to Uni with full stomachs. And not o forget, the Kimchi smell on our clothes.

Ahhhh. Alhamdullilah.


I Don't Have Enough Space

I l.o.v.e my new cubicle. Its 4 times bigger than the previous one. The table is 3 times larger with tall compartments. 1 drawer as you can see in the picture above. Another 1 as tall as me (cannot see in the picture). 1 shelf with doors. Brand new flat screen computer. The chair, my my, its like sitting on a cloud. If I', bored, I'll just swing here and there. Ahhh. Just loving it.

But, the problem is.....

I have too much papers to put on the table. The papers are divided into 5 thesis chapters. How I wish there is another table for me to put my papers.

Now, I have less place to do writing. Huuu....

Huuuu..... Maybe buying a small table would help?


The Reason I Blog

During the days when I heard blogging became famous as a part time job for the bloggers to earn income is the day when I wanted to start my own blog.

Yes, I did register Nuffnang. Its all about the money (at the first time).

Blog (Google)

I started with 1 boring blog. Like everything lalalala. Was about me having fun with my degree friends Nini and Sofi. Then I think it was boring. So I ignored my lalalala boring blog. Later, I wanted to blog again. Since I think my last blog is boring, I started a new one. Haha.  The lamest name was given to my new blog "NewPinkDiva". Booooo.

Later, I found out that Im no Diva at all, instead, I'm just a lalalala girl, that wants to blog about her daily lalala life in her lalala land (blog).

So I did another new blog, called "SimpleCourtesy". Huaaaa. Giving a name to the blog is such a pain in the ass, like naming a new born baby. But.... ahhhh, "SimpleCourtesy".. Love the name. Just like Vera Iman and Venice Iman.

Now, my Nuffnang account has only 25 cent in it. I was frustrated at first. Seeing other people make thousands from blogging.

But then I realised, its Ok. Im fine with 25 cents. Haha. Its OK if I dont have followers. Its Ok, as long as my blog is not one cheap attention seeker that talks about lastest gossip on artists.

All that I wanted, is just that one day, ............. I can read and remember again, my past sweet memories. And to those who by accident dropped by this page, thank you.

Till then my lalalala land.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Terawih with mom

My mother asked, "U want to terawih with me?"

I was like "OK"... until.......... my mom opened her big Quran, page 11, and put it on a chair. 

I asked, "Are you going to read it?"

"Yes, 1 page for 1 rakaat"

Ahhh.... I'll be terawih-ing at the mosque next time. The mosque most propbably finish sooner than my mom's.

Then, she started, I was with a heavy heart. But later, I enjoyed it. Because I was reading along (in heart) by also looking at the Quran.

By the end of 4th rakaat, I was already tired.  We took a break, I went to the laptop, almost typed facebook in google, while mom went to the toilet.

Later we continued until 8th rakaat. Mom said "witir 3 rakaat". I replied "Mom, you do it yourself pleaseeeeeeeeeeee......."

Huaaaaaaa... My mother just had the energy. I was all tired and sweating in the telekong all ready ! Brovo mom !

Ok, bye. Esok puasa lagi !


Selamat Berpuasa

Bazzar Ramadan


Selamat berpuasa to the Muslims. Semoga puasa tahun ini lebih baik dari sebelumnya. I pray to God, to make me more decisive in making decision, be a good daugther and a good future wife and mother. To be more hardworking, and respect my two beloved supervisors that I admire so much.

Ok, back to my lalala wonder land.....

I love this month for its Bazzar Ramadan. Huaaaa, the smell of foods; roti jala, karipap, air tebu.... and not to forget, durian.... waaaaaaa.... mouth wide open. Just now, I helped my mother to prepare some dish for breaking the fast. And my mother made "kuah masak lemak ikan tenggiri". Aaaaa.... Can't wait for berbuka.

Did you know that, research has shown that coconut milk is good ! You know, kuah lemak?? !! Good !