Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Don't Have Enough Space

I l.o.v.e my new cubicle. Its 4 times bigger than the previous one. The table is 3 times larger with tall compartments. 1 drawer as you can see in the picture above. Another 1 as tall as me (cannot see in the picture). 1 shelf with doors. Brand new flat screen computer. The chair, my my, its like sitting on a cloud. If I', bored, I'll just swing here and there. Ahhh. Just loving it.

But, the problem is.....

I have too much papers to put on the table. The papers are divided into 5 thesis chapters. How I wish there is another table for me to put my papers.

Now, I have less place to do writing. Huuu....

Huuuu..... Maybe buying a small table would help?


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