Monday, August 1, 2011

Terawih with mom

My mother asked, "U want to terawih with me?"

I was like "OK"... until.......... my mom opened her big Quran, page 11, and put it on a chair. 

I asked, "Are you going to read it?"

"Yes, 1 page for 1 rakaat"

Ahhh.... I'll be terawih-ing at the mosque next time. The mosque most propbably finish sooner than my mom's.

Then, she started, I was with a heavy heart. But later, I enjoyed it. Because I was reading along (in heart) by also looking at the Quran.

By the end of 4th rakaat, I was already tired.  We took a break, I went to the laptop, almost typed facebook in google, while mom went to the toilet.

Later we continued until 8th rakaat. Mom said "witir 3 rakaat". I replied "Mom, you do it yourself pleaseeeeeeeeeeee......."

Huaaaaaaa... My mother just had the energy. I was all tired and sweating in the telekong all ready ! Brovo mom !

Ok, bye. Esok puasa lagi !


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