Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Reason I Blog

During the days when I heard blogging became famous as a part time job for the bloggers to earn income is the day when I wanted to start my own blog.

Yes, I did register Nuffnang. Its all about the money (at the first time).

Blog (Google)

I started with 1 boring blog. Like everything lalalala. Was about me having fun with my degree friends Nini and Sofi. Then I think it was boring. So I ignored my lalalala boring blog. Later, I wanted to blog again. Since I think my last blog is boring, I started a new one. Haha.  The lamest name was given to my new blog "NewPinkDiva". Booooo.

Later, I found out that Im no Diva at all, instead, I'm just a lalalala girl, that wants to blog about her daily lalala life in her lalala land (blog).

So I did another new blog, called "SimpleCourtesy". Huaaaa. Giving a name to the blog is such a pain in the ass, like naming a new born baby. But.... ahhhh, "SimpleCourtesy".. Love the name. Just like Vera Iman and Venice Iman.

Now, my Nuffnang account has only 25 cent in it. I was frustrated at first. Seeing other people make thousands from blogging.

But then I realised, its Ok. Im fine with 25 cents. Haha. Its OK if I dont have followers. Its Ok, as long as my blog is not one cheap attention seeker that talks about lastest gossip on artists.

All that I wanted, is just that one day, ............. I can read and remember again, my past sweet memories. And to those who by accident dropped by this page, thank you.

Till then my lalalala land.

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