Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SO cute !

Hi, listening and watching Najwa Latif's on youtube just made me want to continue my guitar lesson at Yamaha. But, just thinking of the fees, makes me feel down. RM 150 for 2 hours only. Freaking expansive!

Back to Najwa Latif. Actually, it was my dear boifei went like "have you heard of Najwa Latif?"

I was "Najwa what? Who is that? Not famous. Dont know her? What's up with her?"

Najwa Latif in her school unifrom, I think
"You don't know her?"

Then, my boifire went playing his imaginary guitar and sung "cinta muka buku" song...

I was "hmm, not interested."

"You should listen"

So, today, I went wandering on Youtube searching for Najwa Latif, GOSH ! SHE IS A HIT !

Every video of her hits 200K viewers, its nt that cool or what?! Haish, she is so comel, her voice is so cute. Just makes me thinking of continuing my guitar class. And her, wearing baju kurung sekolah, just reminds me of school days.

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