Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rest Day

Thursday or Friday would be the day, where I would ym Ayu and say "Jom lepak".
So, we went to Ikea to have meatballs and gossip about stuff that does and doesn't matter to us.

Stuff that does matters like boifriends, our slimming programme is not working, I'm fat, my ass looks fat, our working lifes. Stuff that does not matters are like why the Ikea egg tart is damn expansive, I want to buy Ikeas' beds and curtians but dont have money, lalala~

On weekend, I went to a wedding with Ayu, later, I went back to her house. Saw this big fat cat, feel like cubit2 the pipi. Hehe. (Apesal ayat itu begitu?).

Ayu and I were best friend when we were in Sekolah Rantau Petronas at Terengganu. Then, she moved to Subang Jaya when we were in standard 5. Later in standard 6, I moved to KL.

I managed to post her some letters, but later we lost contact. And suddently, dont know how, we got connected back. Our first meeting was "Why are you fat ???!!!!" we asked each other.
Ayu used to be one of the hot stuff during school days. She was skinny and cute. Boys were just into her. Hmmp!

Yeah, so.... there, my best friend, the one that could finish my sentence if I lost words :)

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