Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ikan Bakar

I, Nana, Ocean, Amad when for an ikan bakar restaurant at Bangi last week. I dont remeber the name of the restaurant but the I remeber the tom yam was delicious ! Like seriously delicious ! Feel like kidnapping the cook. Hehehe !

We were eating and eating, and as usual, I was the spoil one, where I needed to go back home early before curfew.. Booooo ! Dah besar pon ada curfew.

My mother would be like, "Come back early, make sure u're back before 11, make sure u lock the gate, make sure u turn off the light, make sure you read bismillah before entering home, if not syaitan will masuk too... (lalala mode)" Waaaaaaaaa, very interesting. Hehe.

Ok, so I went back home, it was already 12. Luckily, they were all sleeping already. Hehe. I remebered to do the things that my mother ask me to do before sleeping. Bravo zati ! Anak solehah? Hehehe.

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