Friday, July 29, 2011


Me and boifie went to kedai mamak to watch Malaysia vs. Singapore yesterday.
Boy, I never knew Malaysian supporters were crazy like this.

I became a supporter when Malaysia won the Suzuki Cup.
Immediately on the next day, me and boifie went to KLIA to watch the Harimau Malaya players flight from Indonesia, with our own eyes and heads (dengan mata kepala sendiri, ceh). Too many people that time! I only saw Amirul's dyed hair from 2 meters far, people were just pushing each other to watch them. Crazy.

And, yes, I gave the Harimau Malaysia flying kiss from that 2 meter.

 This was only 1/4 of the crowd. Thier eyes were just glued to the screen. Mouth wide open when Amirul and Safee, both of them did sepak terbalik secara serentak, or "ko sepak bola bagi ke Singapore wat ape...!". And the rempit when like all those nasty words, and siap nak belanja satu restoran kalau Malaysia menang. Ceh.

I was more like "Go, Go! Kunalan !!". I like him!

Alas, Malaysia lost. I was a lil bit frust that night, complaining here and there abit.

But, I just loved the sound when people calling to hot fm and roared "Auuummm" during the day, giving support to Harimau Malaysia. Sumpah comel gila! Lagi2 kalau perempuan yang buat!

"Auuuummmmm !!!"


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