Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Im Sorry But I just Have to Say NO

Im no fashion student, but I am an engineering student.

Oh, my fashion sense during my degree was terribly bad. Baju kurung all Monday to Friday. Outing dresses were worn only on weekends. Booo hooo. Kesian.

Later after graduating, I sensed fashion. Hahahaha !
Im not that kind of fashionista person, but I know a thing or two after 26 years of living, durh!

But, there is this one person really bothers me much!
Her fashion, her hair, her showing skin, is just disgusting and annoying.
To me, she is just an attention seeker and a bad influence to her fan.

This person is....
 Oh my, her shoes?! Is that shoes or elephant horn? SO cacat. I am an engineering student, so this is where I can apply my knowledge.
Your shoes is a disaster to your posture, man.
And, freaking ugly?!

 I know, sexy ass... But you looked like a whore.

 I know, sexy body... But you looked very cheap.

The most decent image I can get from the internet. This one is nice! I'll be loving you if you wear this.


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