Monday, November 28, 2011

3 things I like today !

1. I had a GREAT body combat workout. The instructor is super FUN, and had this super positive energy, LOVE her !

2. I started my thesis on Chapter 5 Control Algorithm (after 2 weeks of holiday. Hehe.)

3. I had planned for tomorrow's schedule.

4. I had a GREAT sauna and hot bath.

5. I saw D, which I really missed. Hurm.... Miss u. :)

Love love love.


1. I watched football. Malaysia vs. Bahrin at Stadium Bukit Jalil with my sweetest boifie.

2. I had a wonderful lunch at New York daily, ummmm love the creammy pasta !

3. Boifie gave me "The Muay Thai Challanger" t-shirt from fittness first, because I support Faizal. Hehe.

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