Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pros and Cons

Yesterday at the gym, there was this one friendly bro came to me, promoted a Hydroxycut sachet (weight loss suppliment).

He was too cute to say "no" to, so I took half of it and another half shared with my friend, Liya. Hehe.

As I started to workout, the sweat from all over my body kept pouring like it was raining cats and dogs. That was the first time I sweat like that just within 30 mins of workout. That thing was so damn powerfull, really !

So I showed that bro how sweaty I was, and both of us grined from ear to ear. Puas hati! Hehe... He gave me that sachet for free because he had extras. (He used to be overweight, but right now he needs to gain weight, because he is too skinny. Pulak dah!)

But yesterday night, was a NIGHTMARE ! I couldn't sleep at all ! The caffein from the hydroxycut was too much for me. My eyes were wide open, hands were shaking, my heart beats fast, and had a terrible anxiety. I felt heat all over.

It was 3 am, I messaged Liya "Are you sleeping? I couldn't ! Damn that thing." She replied "I exidently woke up too, I felt heat all over. I'm drinking a lot of water now. Rasa macam baru lepas makan 4 bijik durian!".

Really !

I couldn't sleep at all, so nak tak nak, I started my thesis writing Chapter 2. I got sleepy around the Subuh azan... Hummm.. And slept.

Then I woke up around 7, I measured my weight, I dropped 1 kg.

I read reviews on that product. There are side effects, as what I had felt last night. But really, you can slim fast with that thing.

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