Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let's Go Further

All are mine. Too much for a woman with a body size like mine?

I was devestated when a hot mama (she's 47, having a hot body, wearing sexy gym attire from head to toe) came to me and said, "Yang, badan you dah ok, peha you je besar". (T_T)

Dem! It was heart wranching. I thanked her, really, for being honest with me. So I immediately, bought a box of fat burner, a new pack 1 kg of protein, and a pack of calcium (tak de kena mengena nak kurus, tapi nak kulit cantik hihihi). Huuu.. Boy, I am determine!

That was not enough! I bought and signed the agreement to train with a personal trainer. I know he will push me hard to see results. Afterall, I'll be mad if there is no result. Yet, of course, he is my dear friend! :)

Well, let's see. My current weight is 54 kg (which I think, penimbang tu menipu, I think my weight is less than that!). My target is 49.3 kg.

We will see. Right?