Thursday, February 16, 2012

How was your day?

How was your day people?

Mine was pretty much tiring.
I had so many things to do on my 'To Do' list.
But I couldn't finish everything because I am having a bad period pain.
By the time it was 2pm, I already rushed back home because I was so sleepy
and had a very bad cramp on my hips and stomach....

I had a really painful one.... Sigh

Reached home, took a 2 hours nap.
Is 2 hours consider as a nap? Hihihi...

But the weird thing is, I still went to the gym, despite having the pain.. Haha.
I need to, if not, I'll gain weight the next morning.

So, how was your day everyone? anyone reading?

I am writing this because, I am reminding myself to be productive each day.
Because, every second counts, whether you use it wisely or just simply watch the time pass by.

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